The Electric Vehicle Inc. Mission

Electric Vehicle Inc. was formed to provide users access to Electric Vehicles, and other transportation alternatives to the conventional wasteful, polluting gasoline engine; to research and promote changes to the City Of New York transportation infrastructure facilitating the adoption of Electric Vehicles and Zero Emission Vehicles.

Commuter vehicles tailored for the 93% of the population that travel alone can be small and efficient to reduce traffic congestion and parking demand, and use energy in a wise and appropriate manner. Future electrical generation can be from significantly cleaner means than coal, oil and nuclear. Still an Electric Vehicle can be 90% less polluting today than a gasoline car even when the electricity is obtained through traditional electrical generation means.

Energy use and specifically gasoline consumption in the United States is an Achilles heel in our national security. Relying on sources of oil from foreign countries presents a number of problems, all of which weaken our security.

Today gasoline costs at the pump are at prices -- which if adjusted for inflation -- are comparable to prices in the 1960's. However, low pump prices do not include the accompanying costs to society through preparing and implementing military solutions to maintain access to petroleum supplies. Through both financing military infrastructure and requiring escalated defense as a result of exercising military options overseas, the costs to taxpayers is added to the gasoline bill at the filling station.

Because of the true environmental, financial and national security costs of our dependence on oil it is appropriate that a significant national effort be directed to a clean, stable source of energy for our vehicles, and all the uses in our homes and industry.

Based in New York City, Electric Vehicle Inc. is working to provide alternatives for commuters with compact, well engineered electric vehicles capable of highway use, that exist today at prices that commuters can afford.

Zero Emission Vehicles using fuel cells and other emerging technologies, and Hyper-efficient gasoline power vehicles will be added to our sales lineup when affordable, practical models are available.

Note: Electric Vehicle Inc. does not currently sell motor vehicles. The information contained in this website is for educational purposes only. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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